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Are all other religions after islam are fraud?

Prophet muhammad saw is the last prophet sent by Allah so that means all other people who preach after his death are fraud and all other religions that came after his death are also fraud?
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Why in Quran 6:101 Allah says He can't have a child without mate?

I read a christian argument that keeping aside the concept of actions befitting his glory if he wills to do something then there should be no limitations and he doesn't need to be like creation. It ...
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Is monism (distinct from monotheism) a form of shirk?

A definition of monism is a theory or doctrine that denies the existence of a distinction or duality in... God and the world. In Islam, shirk is defined as idolatry or polytheism, which means ...
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Can a Hindu enter jannah?

This question was from a Hindu That Islam is based on tawheed oness of Allah (god) if I believe that God has no image no idol not begotten doesn't have wife or child and believe in his uniqueness ...
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Did Ibrahim AS find the concept of Allah only with his mind (or in his free will)?

Last night I had a debate with my friend. It was about story of Ibrahim PBUH. Sura Al-An'am 74-83 According to my common sense & common language, Quran told us that ...
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Worshipping a black stone, a pagan tradition?

Is worshiping the stone a pre-Islamic tradition? If so why are Muslims practicing a pagan tradition?
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