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The Holy Prophet's night ascension to heavens and Allah

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First heaven in Al Isra wa Al Miraj

My question is - during the Night Journey Muhammad (peace be upon him) went to the first Heaven. Was it As Samaa ad Dunya? So, we can see As Samaa ad Dunya, but was the part where Muhammad (peace be ...
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Did Al-Buraq really have wings?

Everyone seems to somehow know this but I could not find a hadith in support of it.
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Did the Prophet (SAW) not see Allah during the night of ascension?

I ask this question due to this Hadith from Sahih Musllim: It is narrated on the authority of Masruq that he said: I was resting at (the house of) 'A'isha that she said: O Abu 'A'isha (kunya of ...
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How can all the Prophets pray together when different Prophets are in different levels of heaven?

When Prophet Muhammad went on the miraj night journey, he was taught prayer by Allah. All the Prophets prayed and Prophet Muhammad led the prayer, so my question is: How can all the Prophets pray ...
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Did Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) see Allah (Swt) on Miraj?

Did Our Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon Him) see Allah (Swt) with his eyes on Miraj?
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Is this a sahih hadith: "They are those who accumulated wealth without differentiating between lawful and unlawful..."?

Prophet narrated: On the Night of Mi'raj, I saw people lying on their backs with drum-like, transparent bellies where there are all kinds of creatures. I asked my brother Jibrail, "What are they?" ...
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How can there be prophets in jannah and a lot of woman in jahannam before the day of judgement?

As far as I am concerned, Prophet Muhammad(sm) saw many prophets in different stages of jannah during Miraj. Besides, I also came to know, that Muhammad(sm) also told that he saw people in jahannam ...
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Where are the Prophet's parents now?

When Prophet Muhammad (saw) went to see heaven and hell on the night of Miraj his parents were taken out of hellfire and put in heaven. Which part of heaven was it? Was it one of the seven levels or ...
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Who was Allah's hojjat on Earth when Mohammad (saww) went to maraaj?

In Shia Islam there is this belief that there has to be one hojjat of Allah on Earth. He could be described as the decisive argument of Allah over mankind Further description found in the question ...
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Did Imam Ali (R.A.) reach the skies before the Prophet did, according to the Shi'a?

I have heard from a Shi'a friend that when the Prophet ascended to the skies to meet Allah at the night of Esraa and Miraj, Imam Ali (R.A.) was already there and was presented to the Prophet by God. ...
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Was Prophet Muhammad ascension to heavens (Mirage or Miraj) Real?

There are two school of thought on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) visit to the Heavens (sky) and meet God. One school says This happened in real (this is more authentic). This was shown to the prophet in a ...
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