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Is Muhammad the firstborn of creation?

I have heard some state that the light of Muhammad was the first creation of Allah and that everything else was created from Muhammad's light. Is this true?
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Is firasat al mo'min -the believers- (فِرَاسَة المؤمين) the same as what in the west is called empaths?

Salam alaykum, Definition of an empath: someone highly sensitive to their environments and intuition I.e. they have knowledge of things and places kind of like psychics but without use of jinns as in ...
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Can some verses of the quran be interpreted as a metaphor?

There are some thing that are contradictory to modern science. Like evolution(human) . So if a person who interpret The Holy Quran(some verse) as a metaphor will he be committing kufr.
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3 answers

May a Muslim learn how to perform telepathy?

I would like to know Islam's view on telepathy based on rulings by Scholars well-grounded in the Qur'an and the Sunnah as well as the Manhaj of the Sahaabah (RAA). There is an oft-repeated incident ...
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Knowledge of religion without Language?

I was having a discussion with this person about religion. He asked me that whether it would be possible for human beings to have the concept of God without having the knowledge of Language. I ...