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حيض the cyclical discharge of blood that comes from of the womb of a pubescent woman, not caused by childbirth or disease.

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What acts of worship are prohibited for a woman undergoing menstruation?

I know fasting, prayer, circumambulation and touching the Qur'an are prohibited to woman undergoing menstruation. What others acts of worship are prohibited? Alternatively, I can re-frame the ...
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Periods of two weeks duration

Assalam-o-Alaikum brothers and sisters. I am a new married person. It's about 8th week of my marriage. I came here with my wife for Umrah. When we were coming from my country; my wife ate medicine ...
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Can a woman recite the Qur'an during her menses?

During a recent Jumuah prayer I heard a hadeeth about Abu Hurairah (RAA) Abu Huraira reported: He met the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, in the road of Medina while he was in ...
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Can a woman during menses read the Quran without touching it, or read it from an electronic device?

I know that during a girl's period she is not allowed to touch the Quran. Can she read Quran without touching it, like reciting, or reading from the PC's screen, or mobile?
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I have an period where the blood comes in small amounts; is it valid for me to fast or pray?

Recently I have started my period but the problem is the blood comes in small amounts once a day and the rest of the day is light discharge. Is it valid for me to still both fast or pray?
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Do women need to check their menstruation before Fajr to see if they are required to also pray the previous night Isha?

Suppose a woman is menstruating at the time of sleep in the night that is the time of Esha. She knows that her menstruation is about to end and probably she will be able to do Fajr also. Does she ...
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Is it haram to use pills to avoid or offset menstruation?

I live very far from my wife and family for job. I usually go my home for 7 to 8 days maximum. The problem is whenever I visited my wife, she usually had been with her monthly days. She took ...
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Some pink blood then stop, do i have to ghusl?

Asslamualaikum I am a sister. Last night I had some pink blood, and today nothing. dhuhr time has come :( I'm expecting menstruation within the next 7 days, so this could have been a start, or could ...
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How are the rulings for menstruation defined?

How are the rulings for menstruation/menses for our sisters defined according to the different fiqh schools? I mean the duration, how a female can be sure her menses really ended, etc.
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