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Questions about or that apply specifically to men.

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Is avoiding overt displays of masculinity part of the male hijab?

A Muslim woman may be instructed that her behavior is considered part of the female hijab, and she should avoid displays of femininity, such as softening your voice (IslamWeb), and instead adopt ...
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How do the rules for men travelling alone and women travelling alone differ?

Throughout Islam, there is a lot of attention on women travelling alone, with attitudes varying significantly. Indeed, there's several questions on this site relating to women travelling alone: Can ...
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Does being accidental aroused then releasing fluid break wudu

I become very easily aroused and I release very tiny drop of fluid. For example yesterday I was reading the quran a thought just came to mind and its not that i spent a minute thinking about it in ...
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Are you allowed to expose the sins of a non-Muslim?

I’ve heard that you aren’t allowed to expose the sins of others. But how about non-Muslims? Are you allowed to expose the sins of a non-Muslim by telling your nearest about it?
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Can men wear jewelry?

Back then men used to wear jewelry and even skirts (things that are seen as female-associated now), but aren't these things just social gender norms that people themselves have created over time? So ...
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Is it permissible for men to practice gynaecology?

Is it permissible for men to take up the profession and study of gynaecology, and also practice it, which would involve would involve examination, history taking and/or surgery? Is it impermissible ...
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coregasm haram?

My question is coregasm haram for man and women. Coregasm are Orgasmus that can Happen by doing core training. Scientists have found that this is more likely to happen to people with strong core ...
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Why two lambs are sacrificed for baby boy but only one for a baby girl for aqiqah

I understand the wisdom of islam in giving half inheritance to women and half penalty for the killing of women- because men are the sole breadwinners for the family. I also understand the wisdom ...
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Is haram for women to wear men’s clothing?

Assalamualikum! Recently I’ve been getting really interested in clothing and I stumbled upon men clothing and I really liked the way it looked. When I say that I like men’s clothing I don’t have the ...
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Can an actor be called to inaugurate masjid

Ãsak Recently I heard a news in which one Turkish TV actor is invited to Pakistan for the mosque inauguration. As Mosque is a place of worship not a entertainment place to inaugurate with actors. And ...
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Solo penetration while being a boy

السلام علیکم I have made a mistake & now I'm regretful. I got a bit too much turned on & in that i not only masturbated but also used an object for my anal. I haven't been with another guy but ...
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Men are burdened in Islam

Why is it that women are assured 100% rights and security in Islam. Whereas men are literally made into mules who are just supposed to work in order to please women and children?
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