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Questions about or that apply specifically to men.

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Is it obligatory for Muslim men to cover their heads while praying?

I have noticed that a majority of men cover their heads head with a cap or something to cover the hair while offering salah. Is this mandatory? What if sometimes you don't find a cap or cloth to cover ...
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2 answers

Is the torso/chest/trunk of a man considered as awrah?

It is always stated in Islamic sites that men's awrah is from knees to navel. (for example ). I have searched hadiths about that, and I have found many hadiths about ...
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What is the 'awrah for men? Should a man lower his gaze on seeing another shirtless man?

Should I lower my gaze whenever I see a shirtless man, and is it Haram for me to look at him? And is it Haram for me to look at the knees of others because knees are supposed to be covered? I looked ...
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Red color clothes for men in Islam

I heard in a bayan that Red colour clothes are only permitted for women and not for men in Islam. Is it correct? If yes, I need hadith source for this. What about Pink, Rose, light and dark ...
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2 answers

When should the marriage party(Walima) be given?

It is the sunnah of Prophet(PBUH) to give Walima(marriage party). When should a bride groom give the treat for his marriage? I need the quickest time. ie, From when can a bride groom give the ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Permissibility to kill all adult males

Is it permissible to kill all men from the kuffar when a city or a land have been conquered by muslims, there will be men who actually fought against the muslims and there will be some men who never ...
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Are men who go topless sinners? [duplicate]

I read that the 'awrah' for males in Islam is from the belly button to the knees. If true, do men who go topless these days with just their jeans/pants/shorts exposing their awrah as the lower ...
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Does Islam promote, and or enforce stereotypes on males and females?

Does Islam promote, and or enforce stereotypes on males and females? Two examples are (but not limited to): Females should or must lack a university level education, and focus on housework. Males ...
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Can a men wear girl dhoti style pajama?

I am a male person. I sometimes wear dhoti pajama instead of pant. I wear male shirts and i looks like a male but i like to wear the only one thing that belongs to a girl and this is dhoti pajama. but ...
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Can Muslim men and women shave their body?

In summer when going to Swimming, it can be quite embarrassment to go with hairy body. Also I do not personally like hairs on my body. I am not sure if Islam allows shaving the body? If yes, can one ...
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4 answers

Is it permissible for men to wear women's undewear because they are more comfortable and have better colors?

I've asked this question before, and I want to reiterate it to clear up some misconceptions. Please do not immediately downvote this post (most people do), and read it in full before making any ...
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1 answer

Why are men not told to cover from head to toe in a thick outer garment? [closed]

Women are told to cover their bodies properly with a loose and thick outer garment (hijab). However men are only told to cover a section of their body. I understand that one should guard their private ...
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Is there a ruling that says a man has to wear a head cover, in general or during prayer? [duplicate]

I understand that there is no mention in the Quran or the Hadith of a head covering for males. It is a custom learned from the Prophet and is there in the Sunnah. I would like to know if there is ...
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When proposing / before agreeing to marry a woman, how much can a man look at her (body)?

I found the following evidence: A lady came to Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) and said, "O Allah's Messenger (ﷺ)! I have come to you to offer myself to you." He raised his eyes and looked at her and ...
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1 answer

Does a barren woman need to complete iddah (period of waiting) after divorce?

If a woman can't have children as she had her womb removed or her tubes severed which means that she will not "conceal what Allah has created in their wombs if they believe in Allah and the Last Day. ....
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How can a male athlete accept gold medals at competitions?

I am thinking of taking part in some athletic contests. The authority will award the winners with gold medals. But as far as I know men aren't allowed to wear gold. So how can one accept gold medals ...
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Are tucked-in shirts and pants non-Islamic?

It is a fact that Islam lays great emphasis on modesty just like Judaism and other orthodox religions. But why do we as Muslims enforce it mostly on women? Men also have to cover their awrah which is ...
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What verses of the Qur'an urge veiling for men/women, and what is the justification?

What verses of the Qur’an urge for the veiling, or covering of women? Do they call any reason for such? Do any verses urge for veiling of men?
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Is Hijab an outdated or an old age remedy to keep the society away from a lot of sins? Is the ruling of hijab proving only men should be dominant? [closed]

Assalamu Alaikum. Behind every command of Allah there would be a reason. Hence when hijab comes to my mind, the so-called reasons people claim for the reason to wear hijab are: Even though men and ...
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