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المهر al-Mehr the bride price that is given by a man to a woman because of marriage and sexual intercourse.

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3 answers

Is marriage valid without a written contract and without mahr?

I am a recent revert to Islam and was married three months ago to a Muslim man in Morocco. I live in USA. I was visiting the country and also visiting this man and his family to see if we were ...
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Is our marriage valid given that my husband has not paid me mahr yet?

About a month ago me and my husband got married The point is that he didn't pay me mahr yet. He proposed the amount of money by himself (of course I agreed). Until now, I haven't heard about paying ...
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Is dowry allowable in Islam?

In a discussion with my friend he said Islam allow man to ask money(dowry) to marry a girl. Is any thing like that.Please give me suggestions.
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2 answers

After divorce followed by converting back to Christianity, does an ex-wife need to return the meher?

If a Christian girl converts to Islam and marries a Muslim boy for say a meher of Rs 1 lakh. If her husband divorces her later, she gets to keep the meher. My question is: after receiving the meher ...
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How authentic is the report of Umar being corrected by a female?

There is a story that goes like this: Once the Second Caliph Umar, Omar bin Khattab told the people to not be excessive in mahr (bride price) and not to exceed four hundred dirhams. A woman protested ...
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