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Is spinal marrow haram to consume?

I've heard some people claim that spinal marrow or spinal cord is haram to eat. Is this claim true and what is the basis for this?
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Authenticity of hadith where Meat turned to stone?

Assalamu Alaikum Brothers in Islam, I found a narration in 'Behasti Zewar' in which there has been narated the following without any credentials or sources. "Once Hazrat Umme Salma, wife of the ...
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Can A M21 Hollow Point ammo hunter eat his meat in Islam?

Situation M21 (308.Winchester Semi-Auto) Hollow Point ammo Deer Headshot (Insta-Death) Can a Muslim do that ? Would that be helal to eat ?
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Is it fine to have machine cut chicken or mutton for a muslim living in a non muslim area?

What are the alternatives when you are in a non muslim country or a country where the muslim population is very less, in a situation where you are tempted by your desires to eat meat but the problem ...
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Halal meat butchers European countries

Salam alaykom, In European countries, can we consume halal meat from (Muslim) butchers that say it is halal (written on the store, and said verbally) it is they who assume the responsibility, or we ...
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Lab grown meat halal/haram?

Inshallah brothers and sisters I work inside a laboratory developing lab grown meats. I want to know if the consumption (and by extension, production) is halal or haram. For context, I have refrained ...
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Cross contamination

Am I allowed to eat a subway if the employees change their gloves after touching haram foods. A subway worker touches washed pork and haram beef with gloves on then touches the cheese salads etc. If I ...
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