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Why does ALLAH say that you "may be" successful in 22:77? Why there is not a guarantee?

O believers! Bow down, prostrate yourselves, worship your Lord, and do ˹what is˺ good so that you may be successful. (22:77) Why does Allah say "may be successful" rather than saying "...
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What does "they are the most eager to return after a retreat" mean?

I am not sure what "they are the most eager to return after a retreat" means in the context of the following hadith: Al-Mustawrid reported: He said in front of Amr ibn al-‘As that he heard ...
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2 answers

What the word Ebadat (Worships) encompasses as a whole? [duplicate]

What is the true essence of Ebadat (Worships)? Is there more to it then just practicing the five tenets of Islam? If so, then what does it encompass?
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How should we know when to use typical verb form properties on the meaning of a given verb in the Quran?

Wikipedia tells us that the family V is the reflexive form of family II. Thus, family V verbs are: causative intensive denominative transitive reflexive of the family I verb forms. Now, in the Quran,...
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Found some amulets in my mother in law's cupboard, she died last month after severe illness

the amulet I found contained the names of Satan, Haman & firoun, also written ya burot, ya buru,& some words like ya salih. I found it in between my mother-in-law's dresses & later I found ...