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The prayer hall of Muslims. Muslims collaboratively pray five times in a day here. Use this tag about anything related to masjid.

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Is it permissible to allow haraam (prohibited) things in mosques?

Is it a sin to keep haraam things in a mosque like gambling stuff, pork, idols? I'm asking this because I had heard of a mosque which had allowed people to keep idols in only because it was raining. ...
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Can non-Muslims enter a Mosque or prayer room?

Are non-Muslims allowed to enter a prayer room and pray? I am asking this because I have seen non-Muslims come into a Muslim prayer room before.
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What is the shari'a ruling regarding removing personal belongings when praying in a mosque?

I have seen many times that people while praying in a mosque remove their belongings like wallet, watch, spectacles etc and keep it on the ground in front of them and pray salat. Is this the right ...
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What is the difference between a Sunni and a Shiite Mosque?

I am considering converting to Islam at a mosque in my area. I have never been to a mosque before, so this will be my first time. I'm not sure what type of mosque this mosque is I am not sure wether ...
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