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How does the Maliki school make Tasleem at the end of salat?

How do the Malaki school of fiqh (islamic jurisdiction) make the Tasleem at the end of salat? I have heard that if someone was praying with you at your side then you can just say the salams to that ...
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Is there Hadith for the Maliki way of praying?

That is instead of putting right hand over left like the other Madhhab keep the hands by their sides.
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Did Imam Malik describe the hadith sciences as "this science is a religion"?

This question is related to How scientific are Hadith sciences?, and was prompted by the answer to Are Muslims required to believe in things which are irrelevant to the message of the Quran? which was ...
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Is it true that the Prophet Muhammad foretold the birth of Malik ibn Anas?

From Wikipedia: According to classical Sunni tradition, the Prophet Muhammad foretold the birth of Malik, saying: "Very soon will people beat the flanks of camels in search of knowledge and they ...
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Some pink blood then stop, do i have to ghusl?

Asslamualaikum I am a sister. Last night I had some pink blood, and today nothing. dhuhr time has come :( I'm expecting menstruation within the next 7 days, so this could have been a start, or could ...
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