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Questions tagged [mahram]

A mahram is a person with whom sex is forbidden forever due to kinship. Either because of blood ties, milk kinship or affinity.

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Who can be a chaperone when talking to a potential woman?

I would like to know who can be a chaperone when you want to get to know a potential woman? For the purposes of marriage of course. Can a friend of the woman be a sufficient chaperone? Please offer ...
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Can one sell or donate breast milk in Islam?

In the west, we have milk banks where many women either sell or donate their breast milk Given the fact that suckling five times makes a child mahram to the woman & also makes her own children ...
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Can two women travel with non mahram?

A woman can't travel with a non mahram (alone), but can two women (together) travel with a non mahram?
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Umrah condition for women of age 50 years

My mother is planning to perform Umrah but she could not travel with her Mahram. My mother will travel to Makkah from Pakistan and her brother from UK and then they will perform Umrah together. Does ...
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Can i perform cupping on my sister?

I am a Muslim male. I wanted to know if I can perform cupping on my sister since there is no female hijama specialist available in our city (Im a hijama specialist myself). There is a hadith narrated ...
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Can i travel without a mahram?

Just like most females, I don't have a wali or a male mahram that I can travel with. Is it permissible to travel by myself or with a female mahram?
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traveling with no mahram

as salaamu alaikum, okay I don’t have a mahram. my father has no Islamic rights over me I was made out of wedlock. my mothers father is non Muslim and I have no brothers nor husband. How do I go about ...
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