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A school of legal thought.

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Why do sects insist on existing even though it is clearly forbidden?

there are some verses in the Quran which clearly prohibit to be in sects or to identify oneself as someone other than a plain muslim, so why do sects insist on existing even though it is clearly ...
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Sources of Fiqh from Madhabs

Within the sunni branch of Islam, there are the 4 major Madhabs (Hanafi, Shafii, Maliki and Hanbali). My question is, is there a book or compilation of sources for each and every fiqh draw by Imam Abu ...
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What is the "established madhhab" for each of the 4 sunni schools of fiqh?

Basically the question Should I correct an imam who forces his opinions on his community? is the reason for me to ask the above question. As I know (or learnt) that even if abu Hanifa holds the ...
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Did Imam Ibn Jarir al Tabari say women can be Imams of prayer?

Whenever I searched about the issue of the permissibility of a woman leading a prayer, I find that many people cite al Tabari as having given a verdict that women can indeed lead the prayer. But I ...
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Did some Scholars equate ḍarūrah with Ikrah?

I was reading this statement by a Scholar That some of them (People of Knowledge) do not differentiate between ikrāh (compulsion) and ḍarūrah (necessity), so they make what is permitted in the case of ...
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Hypothetically, what would a new school of Islam require besides scholars, followers, and recognition?

A friend told me once, while joking, that we should start one. I though about it since, and there seems to be no regulation whatsoever about it. Schools have been founded all throughout history. Is ...
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What is Madrasathul Athar and Madrasthul Ra'y?

I came across these two terms while reading a book and I couldn't fully understand what the book said. The book said Madrasathul Ra'y was the school of thought of Imam Abu Hanifa Rahimullah and ...
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What differences are there in funerary practices between madhhabs?

I am not Muslim; just writing a paper. I understand that there are eight schools of jurisprudence according to the Amman Message of 2004 (disregarding the doubts I've seen some people express about ...
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Should I say "Ameen" loudly if I'm the only one to do so?

In a congregation where the "Ameen" is said silently after the Fatiha such as the Hanafi, if I'm of the view that the stronger view is it should be say loudly or my particular school of thought ...
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What is the source of these statements of 4 Imam?

Statements: Imam Abu Haneefah (may Allah have mercy on him) said: "If the hadeeth is saheeh then that is my madhhab." “It is not permissible for anyone to follow what we say if they do not ...
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Ijtehad by a layman to choose a madhab?

When I was 10/11 I used to pray in both hanafee mosque and shafaee mosque as both were around 200 meters from house in opposite directions. Since as a layman I dont know which madhab to choose. Are ...
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