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is laughing of women in front of non mehram men okay?

I have to ask whether a female can laugh in presence of non mehram men. I used to think that it's not correct as females must use stern or strict voice with men as is mentioned in Quran 33:32. In this ...
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Is it haram to laugh at big chungus?

Salam alaikum, this question seems weird but listen to my story. Every day after coming back from school I look at an image of big chungus and laugh hysterically for around 15min, it's the only time ...
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2 answers

Does almost laughing break prayer?

If you have the urge to laugh and try to stop yourself but make a slightly sneaky noise with your throat for a second, without smiling, does that break your prayer?
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Should I make up Eid prayer after quietly laughing?

During the Eid prayer I laughed because of something a little girl did. It was a very quiet laugh. Do you know if I have to make this prayer up? Should I make it up at home?
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