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6 votes
2 answers

Am I cursed for using my dad's income which is generated from selling alcohol?

I am only 16 years old. My father is a non-practicing Muslim that sells alcohol and other haram items. I have no other resource of income besides my father.I know the Quran says to obey our parents, ...
1 vote
1 answer

Can we be cursed by another person?

I have been having problems with my family recently, mostly stemming from my brother's new wife who has, since her marriage, become increasingly antagonistic toward us. It is now at the point where ...
5 votes
2 answers

Are curses the exact opposite of dua's?

Are curses the exact opposite of dua's? I understand from the last question I asked titled "Dua with or without action" that dua's need to be followed by action, i.e. if your dua is for health and ...
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