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Is it permitted for a woman to kiss another woman on the cheek?

I saw a Muslim woman kiss a non-muslim woman on the cheek as a sign of affection. I am not sure if this was a sign of attraction or just to show thanks. Is this permitted in Islam?
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Is learning about kissing before marriage through text-only haraam?

Recently I have been curious about knowing how do people kiss. I have read it on a website that it's okay to learn through websites but not through pictures and videos only when you are about to marry....
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Kissing another person of same gender but with no sexual attraction

Is it wrong for two women to kiss each other on the lips... There is no sexual attraction among them they are just as sisters.. They are straight and very sure about this.. Is it wrong for them to ...
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Is it haram to watch people kiss on TV?

I was sitting watching a movie with some of my friends and when the kissing scene came up I kind of looked away and didn't pay attention to it because I was raised that way. In my family we wouldn't ...
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Is men kissing men haram?

I am attracted to men (I am a boy). There is an attractive boy in my school and I can’t even speak to him. When he passes by me, my heartbeats go to the highest level. I love him and can’t spend only ...
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In Islam are you allowed to look at other people kissing? [duplicate]

You see If Iam watching a show or anything and there's kissing I don't look at it I just want to know are you allowed to look at that in Islam
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What is the punishment for kissing someone outside of marriage?

Is it true that we're not allowed to kiss somebody before getting married to her/him according to Islam? If it is, what is the punishment for that?
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Does Islam encourage the kissing of an elder person's hands and feet?

I have heard that according to Islam we should kiss the hands of our parents to show respect. Fatima (may Allah be pleased with her) used to kiss the Prophet (SAW) hands and give up her space for him ...
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Is there any hadith from Shia about "the thawab of kissing children?"

The psychologists emphasize on kissing the children. In other word, according to psychologists, kissing the children has positive effects on them. I wonder what the viewpoint of Shia is regarding ...
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Is kissing children recommended?

As far as I know, psychologists emphasize kissing children and likewise believe that is has a very positive effect on kids. I wonder what the viewpoint of Islam is regarding this issue? Is there any ...
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