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Which Sunnis go on Arba'een Pilgrimage?

The Wikipedia page for Arba'een Pilgrimage claims that "some Sunnis" make the pilgramage. It cites the following reference: 20 million Shia Muslims - as well as some Sunnis, Christians, Yazidi and ...
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Can a Muslim woman go on Arba'een Pilgrimage without a mahram?

Arba'een marks a "pivotal event in history" in which the pilgrims make their journey to Karbala on foot, where Husayn ibn Ali, the third Imam of Shia, and his army were killed and beheaded by the army ...
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How many women were with Imam Hussain? (At the battle of Karbala)

As possibly many of you know, at the time of Imam Hussain (a.s.) there was a tragedy event which was and is famous as Battle-of-Karbala. For more info. you can read the following link:
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Did Iranians fight in the Battle of Karabala? (As Imam Hussein's soldiers)?

As it is considered as a famous Islamic epic event (especially for Shias), in those days of Mohram, Imam Hussein (a.s.) and his soldiers martyred in the battle of Karbala… and the tenth day of Moharam ...