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Sharing videos in website is halal or haram?

Assalam-0-Aliakum . I am a Blogger and i want to start a news website where i will provide recent talk shows, debates, and information about Politics. Is sharing such type of content halal or haram ? ...
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Running a URL shortening website

I have a website that allows users to shorten their links. They can shorten the URL of any website, which could be, for instance, a phishing attack page (page to steal users' credentials) or a ...
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Please help me verify this/ find source

Assalamualaikum, I recently heard a sheikh give a speech, he said Prophet (Saw) sent letter to Oman from Amr Ibn al aas, and the two kings: abd and jayfar converted willingly. I have found this to be ...
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Is VPN Halal or Haram

Is the use of VPN to access content that is not available in our country haram? If u could give an evidence from a scholar or fatwa I'll appreciate it
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Is advertising with tracking cookies halal or haram?

Todays internet ads mostly using tracking tech with cookies, to collect data from internet user to get their interest, and then send ads to them based on this collected interest. This ads is very ...
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Is watching YouTube movies haram?? I mean uploaded by some third party users

My question is whether watching YouTube movies is haram?? But when it comes to watching thought is YouTube users usually upload movies.. but they may or may not have their rights towards ...
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1 answer

Is it haram to download paid courses in free?

So there are many websites which uploads video courses in their websites in free of costs that are downloaded from other paid websites like Udemy, Skillshare, Lynda etc. Though this courses are given ...
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Is the deep web halal?

I know someone who is muslim and has taken a recent interest in the dark web. It is really concerning me because he is talking about things which seem haram. Is using the deep web halal?
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Did i commit shirk?

I was on Youtube recently and a video came on my homepage. the title was "what does your husband look like later" i clicked on it and i had to choose a card. And then she started to tell things. but I ...
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