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What is the Islamic stance on Internet piracy?

I think it is similar to stealing, but not exactly, so the same rules may not apply here. The difference is that, in stealing, you move a property from its owner to yourself, but in internet piracy, ...
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Is YouTube earning halal?

Is earning money through YouTube halal? I play video games and upload that content on YouTube. So is YouTube earning halal in islam?
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Do you need permission to download islamic videos from the Internet?

I watch Islamic videos on the Internet, I really enjoy them and I have learnt a lot from them. I am not sure if the people who uploaded these videos online got permission from the speakers. They are ...
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Can nikkah be pronounced via Skype?

Is it possible for someone to have nikkah via skype? Like having an Imam on either sides. That way will the nikkah be considered valid? As some people don't believe in engagement because of bad eye (...
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Is it permissible to write blogs about cricket or football and earn money via AdSense?

Is it allowed in Islam to write blogs about live cricket score and live football goals etc. and then earn via that blogs from AdSense? Actually I am a blogger and I want to start a blog about cricket ...
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Is tawba acceptable for pre-marital sexual videos my boyfriend put on the internet?

I have committed illegal sexual relationship with my boyfriend and made some videos. Now he put those videos on the internet. Now I am very much depressed about what I did. Is my tawba acceptable?
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Did i commit shirk?

I was on Youtube recently and a video came on my homepage. the title was "what does your husband look like later" i clicked on it and i had to choose a card. And then she started to tell things. but I ...
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Can we use pirated books on the Internet?

Can we use pirated books available on internet, as these books are owned by someone and are someone's effort so we are accessing it without his/her permission. And these books are very expensive so we ...
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Is it allowed to make relations with Non Mehrams in social media? [duplicate]

I have noticed that people are very closed to the social media. Some people are involve in to relations with Non-mehrams. But my question is that if ladies are following shariah completely like doing ...
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What should a girl do who is regretting messaging a boy she knows on Facebook from an anonymous account? After stopping this, is she a bad girl?

It's all about a friend of mine. She became interested in a boy but she kept all this in her heart. She had not showed him all this. One day she saw his ID on Facebook. Then she became emotional and ...
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