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Is it okay for a Muslim to participate in the mandatory government pension and health insurance in Japan?

In Japan, you have to participate in the mandatory government pension. The policy works as follows: Every month government takes out a certain amount from your salary. Your contributor also ...
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Using PayPal to pay for goods and services

A similar question has been asked here about transferring funds through PayPal but the purpose in this question is different: it is about buying something (or paying for something you are going to get ...
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if I am NOT paying for life Insurance, is it permissable?

Assalamualaikum. Most of us are familiar insurance is considered haram because of the presence of riba/interest. I've started working for US government and government employees are automatically given ...
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Is beema allowed in Islam?

In sharia and Islamic Law, insurance Policy are halal or haram, If halal then i need any solid reference. Is there any Example set by ulma e Council, that Muslims follow the beema policy. If ...
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Is my work haram given that I write software which has an "insurance" field?

I work as a programmer for a shipping company. My job requires me to create a program which contains fields like "shipper's name", "address", etc. Also there are fields which provides information ...
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Is taking back insurance money (ignoring the interest) permitted?

My father payed for life insurance for 15 years now, not knowing that it is haram. After 15 years can he take back the amount he payed to the insurance company, ignoring the interest money? Will it be ...
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whats about insurrance schemes according to islam? is it consider as interest or not?

MCB (Muslim Commercial Bank) Pakistan has started a scheme in which when one will go on hajj via there scheme he/she will be eligible for 4 months of free health (hadsaati) insurance, my question is "...
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Is working in insurance company allowed if the Sharia Council of that country has approved it to be following Sharia rules?

I have been offered a job from a medical insurance company to work in their head office. In their profile they say that their company's operations are approved by Shariah Review Bureau (this ...
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Is receiving health insurance from one's company permissible?

I would just like to know your thoughts on taking health insurance from your company (given that you have to pay a part of it). I know we are all mujtahids here. From what I know the default ruling ...
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Is it permitted to make insurance claims?

I've read fatwas about how insurance generally is haraam, however, if you live in countries where certain insurances are legally required, that type of insurance is not haraam. For example, car ...
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Claiming forced insurance in Islam [duplicate]

How far is it permissible or impermissible in Islam to claim costs for damages to a vehicle through insurance? Actually there are a few governments that make vehicle insurance mandatory, in which ...
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Why is life insurance considered as un-Islamic?

I know that no one can give assurance of anything especially life, but I don't think life insurance is about that. It is a way to have something to sustain your family in case you are not there to ...
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