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Incontinence ( سلس ) the disease where a person can not maintain ritual purity due to continuous lack of control over urine, gas, feces or other excretions from the body.

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Do I have to make wudu again?

Salam what if you're dealing with incontinence flatulence and you make wudu then wear socks but then take them off to wear different socks beacuse you saw a rip on the previous socks you wore. Do you ...
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Can I still wear socks for each prayer?

If I’m suffering from farts continuously and if I’m wearing socks, do i have to take off my socks every time I make wudu and wear it again or can I just wipe over it like how you would normally do ...
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Praying with bowel discomfort or fecal incontinence

What is the ruling for someone who prays with uncontrollable bowel movements? When standing or during ruku' or sujud they cannot help but feel gaseous sensations and would have to release. It can be a ...
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I have urine incontinence, can I do tayammum?

I have urine incontinence and it makes salat and wudu very difficult to do. Sometimes I even do wudu 3 times just to pray 1 salat. Can I do tayammum because doing wudu and repeating salat everytime I ...
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How should a person facing urinary incontinence pray and visiting mosques according to Islam?

I am just a 14 year old boy right now and I have had discovered urinary incontinence since i started offering namaz regularly (10/11 year old), I had these issues before but ignored them as I didn't ...
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Does a Muslim woman with urinary incontinence need to change her pad before each prayer?

There's various online fatawa around which describe the effect of urinary incontinence on salah prayer (e.g. IslamWeb 1, 2; SeekersHub; Zamzam Academy; MuftiOnline 1, 2, 3; Islam Q&A 1, 2, 3). ...
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How to deal with droplet issue with prayer?

I want to ask a common man question: if a person having droplets throughout the day, can he offer his prayer? If not, then how to get rid of this thing to perform his prayer?
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Does dripping urine break Wudu?

Sometimes after you have finished urinating, it may happen that you drip in your pants right after you perform Wudu or before you go for prayer. So I wonder if it breaks the Wudu; what about the ...
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