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Questions tagged [imaan]

What you belief in, And as a Muslim you have to belief in God, his Angels, his Messengers, his Holy Books, in the Last Day and in Al-Qadar (Pre-Ordainment)

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38 votes
3 answers

What is the fate of someone who died never having heard of Islam?

Let's say there are some people who never heard of Islam. For example, they are in the middle of the Amazon rain forests and do not have any means of communication with the larger world. Would they go ...
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3 votes
3 answers

How to love saying prayers / Salah / namaz?

I say prayers but it's like I'm just performing a duty. I feel nothing while saying prayers like if my heart is close. I want to:- Say prayers with love. I mean I do not want to feel blank while ...
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2 answers

Are humans destined to do things or human do things cause of free will?

I have seen stuff like these, I dont remember exactly but here are some parts in my words: the ink has dried destiny has been written Allah makes path that is in destiny easier for the person. no ...
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3 votes
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Is Imaan a precondition to become a Muslim?

To elaborate the above question, can a person become a Muslim without believing in Islam but only verbally testifying a simple Shahadah like below, which he does believe in without going into the ...
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7 votes
2 answers

If a person does not have proof that Islam is the truth, can he ever become a muslim?

Think about it this way. If there really was a proof that Islam is the truth, then everyone in the world would have been muslims by now. Why are you a muslim? Do you have proof? If you think you ...
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3 votes
2 answers

What is difference between Islam and Iman? [duplicate]

Assalamou Alaikom, In Quran, there are many verses talking about Islam and on the other hand many others talk about Iman. And both of them are mentioned in the same verses like these verses 35&36 ...
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2 votes
4 answers

What to do if you stop to believe in Allah? [closed]

Should you continue to live your life as false Muslim or you should confront your family and friends and confess your situation? What does Quran say about that situation? What are the proscribed ...
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Exclusivity of salvation in Islam

Does Islam claim to have a unique claim to the truthful religion? Is there a difference of opinion within Islam on the answer to this question?
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2 answers

Can I possibly be forgiven for doing this?

Guys im really worried so a while ago I talked to an anonymous person on the internet and they may have committed shirk because of something I said but I only really thought about it now. I heard that ...
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