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What does ilm e ghaib mean in simple sentence

I have heard this term from multiple people with different interpretations and which confused me on the fundamental level. What is meant by ilm e ghaib and why everyone debates on whether Nabi had ...
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Did the Prophet have knowledge of the unseen ('ilm al-ghayb)?

Some groups claim the Prophet possessed knowledge of unseen, as for example in this article. Indian sub-continent Barelvis say the Prophet possessed knowledge of unseen, too. Question: Did the ...
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What are the Keys of the Unseen?

Allah says about Himself in Surah Al-An'aam: وَعِندَهُ مَفَاتِحُ الْغَيْبِ لَا يَعْلَمُهَا إِلَّا هُوَ And with Him are the keys of the unseen; none knows them except Him Al-An'aam:59 ...
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Is palmistry haram in Islam?

I have heard some people saying that getting to know about your fate is strictly prohibited as Allah is the only one who knows everything. If palmistry is not allowed then what is the purpose of the ...
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How does dream interpretation distinguish itself from fortune telling?

I sporadically encounter "Islamic dream interpretation", e.g., there are tools online such as,, and more can be ...
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Is making predictions kufr?

It is shirk to claim knowledge of the unseen. So if I say that a person will become a bad writer when he grows up or will do bad in his exam am I claiming to know the unseen future? If it isn't shirk ...
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what is the meaning of knowing the unseen?

i know that no one but Allah alone knows the unseen. So if someone asks me how the shaytan might look like on the day of resurrection and I answer that he will look wretched am i committing blasphemy ...
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Why can't we see jinn when they're created from FIRE...?

And He created the jinn from a smokeless flame of fire. (Qur'an 55:15) So, if they are made of fire, we must be able to see them. Why can't we see them? Is there something special about "smokeless ...
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How did messenger know what will happen to others?

According to following Quranic verse messenger does not know what will happen to him or others in the hereafter I am no different from the other messengers, nor do I know what will happen to me or ...
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Is predicting the future haram?

I have heard that predicting the future is haram in Islam because only God knows the future and we cannot predict what only God knows (some say it is almost shirk). My question is: Is predicting the ...
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Is practicing astrology against Islam?

Among Muslims, controlling the djinn or the shayatin for worldly gain is considered a form of magic, and practicing magic is clearly condemned by God in the Qur'an (i.e., Qur'an 2:102). As such, one ...
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