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Al-Ijmaa' refers to the agreement of all scholars worthy of making legal decisions from the Ummah (Nation) of Muhammad after his death on a religious matter in any period in time.

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Definition of ijma as per 7 mujtahid mutlaq imams

I read an article on internet that mentions "the doctrine of ijma has no ijma". The definitions of imams of ahle sunnah differs as per the above article. Since I'm non Arabic speaker. I'm ...
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Is the consensus of all scholars a must condition for ijma? [closed]

It's clearly proved from hadith of bukhari that not all companions have Ijma to caliphate of Abu bakr when he delivered the sermon after becoming caliph. Imam Shafaee ...
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When is it permissible to follow a minority opinion?

Salaam. I have a question about difference of opinions amongst scholars. Let's say the majority of scholar view a certain action as haram but a minority of scholars view that action as halal,and I ...
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Is it haram to follow the fatwas of contexualist/modernist scholars? [closed]

Is it haram to follow the fatwas of contexualist/modernist scholars? Is contexualisation allowed when interpreting verses? One example is Khaled Abou El Fadl who issued a fatwa some years ago saying ...
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What to do with majority opinions by scholars?

I've read these questions and their answers on consensus (ijma), forming a consensus through ijtehad, and opinion: A Question Concerning Consensus and Hadith What is Ijmaa? How is it established? ...
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Is there a scholarly consensus that "touching impurities directly is unlawful except for a necessity"?

In the context of Muslims touching pork, an IslamWeb fatwa writes: Scholars of Islam (Ulamah) state that touching impurities directly is unlawful except for a necessity. I was unsuccessful at ...
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Are the statements of Ibn al-Jawzi, Ibn Hazm and Ibn Taymiyyah enough to declare Ijma' (consensus) on the sphericity of earth

It was reported in fatawa collection of Taymiyyah, that Abu-al-Hussain Ahmed ibn Jaafar ibn al-Munady said that there is a consensus about the sphericity of earth; fatawa collection (25/195). He also ...
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Are there any tenets of Sunni Islam that started out as a revolutionary idea that were resisted by the majority Sunni consensus at the time?

This Q came up as I learnt about Sheikh Mustapha Rashid’s fatwa about hijab not being compulsory going against current Sunni consensus. Since Ijma is a core Sunni principle, I wonder if there is any ...
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Difference between Ijma' on transmission and Ijma' on opinion

What is the difference between Ijma' on the transmission (الإجماع على النقل) and Ijma' on the opinion? (إجماع في الرأي). Apparently, they are sub-categories of Ijma (الإجماع) but what is the precise ...
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In case of confusion and controversies, is there an Islamic authority that has a ruling to address the issue?

New and complicated problems arise every now and then. They are almost bound with the time. In case an issue arises, Is there any Muslim body/school who can resolve the issue, by offering their own ...
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What are Ijma (izma) and qiyaas (kias) and when are they applied?

I have heard Ijma & Qias are applicable if there is nothing specific in The Quran or Hadith. Is that true?? So my question is what are Ijma and qiyaas, and when are they applicable?
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