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7 votes
7 answers

Should I side with my parents or my husband?

My parents repeatedly insult and degrade my husband to a point that they personally attack him on issues such as how much money he makes, how he dresses, etc. They have been doing this for many years ...
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5 votes
4 answers

Wishing husband to be only mine in Jannah

I am widow, I lost my husband 2 month before, he was suffering from cancer. We have twin 7 years boys.I love my husband and he loved me very much and I was his only one wife in his life. , he was good ...
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1 vote
2 answers

What are the duties of a husband?

What are the duties of a husband in Islam? What if a husband humiliates his wife and blames her for no reason? What if a husband ignores his wives' expectations? What if a husband neglects his wife ...
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What are the rights of a women over her husband?

There are a lot of questions regarding the rights of a man over a woman, but there are also so many rights that a man must fulfill to his wife! What are they?
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