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Use for questions on prescribed legal punishments i.e. for adultery, theft, robbery, drinking wine and slander.

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Is piracy a form of theft for the purposes of fiqh?

From this question What is the punishment for someone who pirates digital files?, the OP writes: It is agreed upon that piracy is theft according to the question Where does Islam stand on Internet ...
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May an Islamic state legislate the death penalty for non-sharia crimes?

Countries like Saudi Arabia have a number of capital offenses, some of which seem to extend beyond sharia law; e.g. the list on Wikipedia includes "espionage" and "drug smuggling". However, I don't ...
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Was vigilantism done in fit of anger?

Report 1: Jewish woman under treaty was killed, prophet asked for killer to show up, subsequently it was informed that she reviled the prophet. The prophet condoned blood money and excused the killer. ...
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What the does Quran say about birds in general and/or specific bird species?

I am aware that the Hudhud is considered sacred, but I am wondering if there are any other species mentioned, such as seagulls, or if the Quran mandates specific behavior towards birds in general. Can ...
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Punishing zina with lashes and stoning in the 21st century

Is it an Islamic obligation for Muslim rulers even today to punish fornicators with 100 lashes and adulterers by stoning to death? Can other forms of punishment like fines, jail time, etc. replace the ...
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Are four witnesses needed to convict a slave?

Abd al-Rahman reported that 'Ali, while delivering the address said: O people, impose the prescribed punishment upon your slaves, those who are married and those not married, for a slave-woman ...
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Why did the Prophet ﷺ order to cut off the hands and feet of the people who killed the shepherd?

Why did the Prophet order to cut off the hands and feet of the people who killed the shepherd? Narrated Anas bin Malik: Al-bukhari 5727 Some people from the tribes of Ukl and Uraina came to Allah's ...
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What constitutes anal intercourse?

What constitutes anal intercourse? Even though it is a sin to have sex from the back passage in Islam whether it is male or female but how much of the penis should penetrate for the hadd to be ...
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What's the logic and wisdom behind punishing those who become nonMuslim?

Why islamic sharia set such a harsh punishment for those who abandon religion islam? Isn't it against freedom of religion? I read that Islamic state will compel and bound Muslims who inherit the ...
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