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Questions about honorific title which is a word or expression with connotations conveying esteem or respect when used in addressing or referring to a person.

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4 answers

Radiallahu anha or Alahi wasllam for Mariam?

Which is the correct islamic honorific to use after Mariam(Mother of Eeasaa [A.W])? رضي الله عنه (Radi Allahu 'anha) or عليه والسلام (Alahi wasllam) Same question for Asiya, wife of the Fir-aun. ...
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Is using "PBUH" as respectable as saying/writing "Peace Be Upon Him"?

(I know very little about Islam so please keep your answers understandable to those that don't know all the terms.) I understand that "PBUH" is an abbreviation for "Peace Be Upon Him", which is an ...
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A.S or R.A? Which one is right?

In Shia view, people use (Alayh Al Salam = A.S.) after the name of Imams, but in Sunni view, (Rathi Allahu Anh = R.A.) is used. What is the reason behind or how do we know which one to use in this ...
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Is it OK to put Radiyallahu Anhu after Muawiya bin Abu Sufyan who was not a rightly guided caliph?

I really find no reason to apply a blanket "Radiyallahu Anhu"(Allah is pleased with him) to all Sahaba specially those involved in fighting with Ahlebayt and breaking pledge with Hasan A.S? Also I ...
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"Radiyallahu Anhu" does it really mean that Allah is pleased henceforth they are going to Jannah?

I have found some discrepancies in using this term "Radiyallahu Anhu" does it mean: 1) May Allah be pleased with him (A dua to Allah) OR 2) Allah is pleased with him (A statement about whom Allah ...
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