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Is it okay to celebrate Christmas? [duplicate]

I'm a Muslim as well as both of my parents but my mom use to be a Christian. My family from my mom's side are Christians. We celebrate Christmas as a tradition because of this, not for Jesus being the ...
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Is taking halloween pictures for school shirk?

So I’m in this class where we had a project to teach children English. The topic was halloween. We had this event where they learnt halloween vocabulary and they gave me the task to take pictures of ...
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Has Allah Ordained Holidays For People of The Book?

As we know, Allah has given Muslims Eid al Adha, Eid al Fitr and Ramadan. As far as I’m concerned, I know that Allah has assigned fasting for the Jews and Christians because He says so in the Quran. ...
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In an interfaith marriage, would the non-Muslim partner be prohibited from celebrating e.g. Easter, Christmas?

As Muslims we do not celebrate holidays like Easter or Christmas. However if you were involved in an interfaith marriage (with someone from the "people of the book"), would the other person be ...
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What is the significance of 22 jumada-al-thani?

At my place (India) Shias celebrate this day by arranging dastarkhwan (various special dishes) and call it dastarkhawn of Imam Hasan(A.S) I want to know why it is celebrated?
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Can we wish non-Muslims "happy holi", "happy Diwali", etc.?

I am working in MNC software company. Over here all employees, mostly non-Muslims, wish each other with "Good morning" and "Good night". And during special festival with "...
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Do Muslims celebrate Christmas?

Although the role and importance of Jesus may be seen very differently, Islam does recognize the existence of Jesus of Nazareth and even give him some critical acclaim as a prophet. However, do they ...
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Celebrating religious festivals of non-Muslims allowed in Islam?

Is it acceptable for Muslims to mark festivals of other religions (particularly, given the time of year, Christmas)? Does our acceptance of these 'holy days' give legitimacy to beliefs which, as ...
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Can I reciprocate with gifts at christmas?

Since converting to Islam I've always attended my (atheist) family's Christmas celebrations (though they are not celebrated in a religious way). My parents expect me to give gifts to my family, and I ...
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