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Questions tagged [hisbah]

حسبة Questions about 'Enjoining Right and Forbidding Wrong' (الأمر بالمعروف والنهي عن المنكر)

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Expelling father-in-law who commits adultery? [duplicate]

My father-in-law commits adultery. Is it permitted to kick him out of the house?
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Is a man required to protect his wifes?

Is a man required to protect his wifes? Or offspring? Not sure if the "jihad" tag is appropriate.
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3 answers

Will the wife be questioned about her husbands sins?

I need to know whether I will be questioned about my husband’s sins. My husband does not pray namaz. He is a Muslim but does not believe in praying. I tried to make him understand that without namaz ...
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2 answers

Is it permissible to hurt or insult the people who didn’t fast?

In my country, some muslims had went out in the street with sticks and they were looking in the hotels and restaurants for people who didn’t fast and they insulted them in front of the whole country (...
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If I didn't participate in act but I know that act is bad and didn't tell authorities, will I also get gunah?

My brother drinks alcohol and I know it. But I didn't tell my parents and we are less than 18, Will I also get gunah If I don't tell my parents (TBH He told me that he don't have any plans to stop ...
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My family keeps eating haram food what do I do?

My Muslim family keeps eating haram food even though I tell them it is haram they say things like “Oh we already ate some might as well finish it” and when I tell them it’s haram it doesn’t phase them ...
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