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Can women ask for male hoor al ayn?

So i know that men get hoor al ayn in jannah and women don’t due to their natural fitra, however if a woman was so desire a male hoor al ayn would it be possible for her since allah is the all-giver?
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Do most muslims go to jannah without punishment?

I am talking about muslims from all ummahs: Musa, Isa, Ibrahim, Muhammad, and all prophets Allah sent. Do most go to jannah without jahannam?
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If Jannah has levels and all wishes will be granted then couldn't a person wish himself to top level?

What the title says! It's very clear that there are levels, and higher levels have the best things/status. And if you are living in a lower level couldn't you just wish to be in the top most level. ...
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Please answer if Allah will forgive or not

Aoa I used to masturbate and i was addicted to it but i did a tawbah and promised never to do it again and left it Alhumdulilah but i sometimes feel i am not forgiven as i heard that there is a ...
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Am i still hopeful for Allah's forgiveness after this sin?

Salam i want to ask a question. I have been doing masturbation for 7 months and now i have left it Alhumdulilah and Alhumdulilah i also did tawbah and promised Allah i will never do that sin and and ...
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If a muslim converts to christinaity or judaism, will he/she enter paradise?

So a friend of mine converted from Islam. Christianity. She's an amazing friend to me and to others, and i don't want her to end up in hell. She always helps people, does charity, is nice & kind ...
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Will everything be perfect in Jannah?

Is it true that we will never forget something in Jannah? If we read something only once, we will remember it perfectly and permanently? And what if you want to have an imperfection? Like anger or ...
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I want both of us to be together in Jannah

I'm a Hindu born guy who has converted into Islam. And the girl I love is also a Hindu by birth and has converted into Islam. Infact I developed interest in the religion after she came into my life. ...
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Can a simple person (Muslim) pass Sirat bridge at the speed of lightening?

Can a simple person (Muslim) pass Sirat bridge at the speed of lightening? What does he/she have to do in his/her life? Or is it only prophets who pass the bridge that fast?
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