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Paying rent from zakat without telling the renter

My friend is separated from her husband. She is living in my basement. This month she has refused to pay rent as she has not enough money. Can I adjust her monthly rent from the amount of zakat which ...
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Please help me verify this/ find source

Assalamualaikum, I recently heard a sheikh give a speech, he said Prophet (Saw) sent letter to Oman from Amr Ibn al aas, and the two kings: abd and jayfar converted willingly. I have found this to be ...
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Mispronounced 'Innaka hamidun majid' as 'Innaka hamidum majid'

Assalamualaikum, I've been praying all of Ramadan and trying to for the past year (onlu started a year ago) and I only just realised I've been pronouncing 'hamidun' as 'hamidum'. Is there any sin on ...
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Is it arrogance to want to be given credit for your work instead of other people?

At school, I'm a founder of a club relating to a subject I'm extremely passionate about. My best friend is a co-founder of the club. I worked extremely hard to get this club to start up. My friend ...
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Am I sinning if I refuse to help a stranger who asked me for help?

Salam Alaikoum, How to explain to a stranger man (that I never seen in my life), and who asked me to stay few nights in my room (I live in one room of 12 square meters) and to whom I proposed to pay ...
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Why do Sunni Muslims not reach out to the people of Gaza as stated in Quran?

Why do Sunni Muslims not reach out to the people of Gaza as stated in Quran 26:277: Except those who believe, do good, remember Allah often, and ˹poetically˺ avenge ˹the believers˺ after being ...
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Helping others in the darkness

Salaam, I have a small issue with the niyat i made a long time ago. Last year i put some outdoor lights in my neighbour to help my community to cross the path at night as it is the shared path by 7 ...
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Salam alaykyum I want help will my dua and prayers be accepted though I masturbate and repent and masturbate and repent I want the answer yes or no

My name is Leo(fake name) I'm 17 I keep masturbating through I promised Allah not to do it but I done it and I feel sad and scared .I always ask Allah the same dua . But I'm scared that it won't be ...
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Will Allah forgive me for swearing at my dad?

My dad has always been rude to me and called me names, when I was growing up he would always hit me and even call me names… however,he barely does the things he used to do in the past. He just yells! ...
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Something I Can Use, that My Dua Becomes Accepted?

Is there any homework I can do to get a dua answered? please give me instructions, such as saying this dhikr this x amount of times for example thank you
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My friend found a piece of paper inside his bag and i wanted to know what it is written in it its like taweeZ

It is a piece of paper found inside the bag of my frnd looks like taweez or something
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Is helping others is obligatory in islam

Assalam alaikum ,I came across one statement., Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq (a.s.) says: "He is not a believer who inspite of being capable avoids helping his brother in need; Allah also leaves him on ...
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Worry about shirk

One day l was praying salat bad thoughts came to me. Somehow didn't repelled them. And l started to think about the by myself. And l have a question a we accountable for what l say in my mind. I think ...
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