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What is the "established madhhab" for each of the 4 sunni schools of fiqh?

Basically the question Should I correct an imam who forces his opinions on his community? is the reason for me to ask the above question. As I know (or learnt) that even if abu Hanifa holds the ...
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What is Ibn Tamiyyah's evidence for the claim that Hell will be empty eventually?

The Qur'an clearly states that Hell is eternal. Of course I do not think Ibn Tamiyyah is correct, but I am asking because it is unusual for someone who so repeatedly talked of and condemned bid'ah, ...
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Does the Hanbali school of thought accept qiyas despite Ibn Hanbal rejecting it, and if so why?

Analogical reasoning (Qiyas), was likewise rejected as a valid source of law by Ibn Hanbal himself, with a near-unanimous majority of later Hanbalite jurists not only accepting analogical reasoning as ...
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What is the reasoning behind the opinion of jumaah before dhuhr?

I know there are 2 opinions regarding the starting time of jumaah: coincides with duhr and before duhr. This Fatwa on islamqa kind of discusses both but in a biased direction. I am trying to ...
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Could someone elaborate the Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi’i, and Hanbali position on dogs as pets?

So I understand culturally, dogs are not exactly popular in certain areas of the Muslim world and there are certain narrations that appear to be against dogs as pets, but are there not narrations ...
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