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What is Ibn Tamiyyah's evidence for the claim that Hell will be empty eventually?

The Qur'an clearly states that Hell is eternal. Of course I do not think Ibn Tamiyyah is correct, but I am asking because it is unusual for someone who so repeatedly talked of and condemned bid'ah, ...
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What is the "established madhhab" for each of the 4 sunni schools of fiqh?

Basically the question Should I correct an imam who forces his opinions on his community? is the reason for me to ask the above question. As I know (or learnt) that even if abu Hanifa holds the ...
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What is the reasoning behind the opinion of jumaah before dhuhr?

I know there are 2 opinions regarding the starting time of jumaah: coincides with duhr and before duhr. This Fatwa on islamqa kind of discusses both but in a biased direction. I am trying to ...
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