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A pilgrimage to Mecca that occurs annually from the 8th to the 12th of the Dhul Hijjah month. It is a religious duty which must be carried out by every able-bodied Muslim who has the means.

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Is it permissible to wash Ihraam-towels with scented products before Hajj?

It is generally prohibited to wear perfumes and deodorants after you've worn the Ihraam, see this fatwa for example
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In 16th Century, How Hajis were verified, whether he is Muslim or not?

In 15th and 16th Century, How Government of Arabia or caretakers of Mecca verify that; a person who dressed like Haji; is Muslim or non-Muslim?
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Is it allowed to perform Hajj/Umrah, if you got debt to pay?

If someone have debt to pay but instead of paying it, he/she is going for Hajj/Umrah. Is it allowed to perform Hajj or Umrah while having debt or after clearing debt he/she is allowed to perform Hajj/...