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Questions tagged [grave]

A grave is a place where the body of a deceased is buried according to Islamic teachings

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Is it Makruh to remove natural vegetation from a grave?

I came across the below today: Grass, etc. should be placed on the grave of the deceased, as long as it remains fresh it will continue to do tasbīh, it is for this reason that removing fresh grass ...
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Does there any sect exists in Islam who does not believe in grave punishments?

Assalamu Alaikum, Does there any sect exists in Islam who does not believe in grave punishments? I.e. torments given in Barzakh life (life between world and akhirah) to a sinner? If such sect exists,...
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Can graves be removed to make way for urban development?

Suppose there is a Muslim graveyard whose land now needs to be reused for urban development (e.g. building houses, apartments, malls, etc.). My questions are: Is this legal in Islam? Can buildings be ...
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Torment of grave

As it is said that as the person dies, the torment in his grave starts so the people who have died much earlier then will their torment be much greater than those people who died recently?
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sins after you are in the grave

As salaamu alaikum, if one sin publicly and die but the sins are still on the media is that person getting a sin for every eye that see the sins? jazakallah khair for your help.
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protective border around a grave

Assalamu Alaykom, Is it permissible to erect a wooden border of one hand span in height around an individual grave for the purpose of protecting it from being stepped on? The context is this grave is ...
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Life after Death

Salaam , From my understanding in your grave after you die, the angels ask you the three questions. If you pass , your grave is widened and your waiting period till day of judgement is peaceful and ...
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Is it permissible to plaster or build over graves to prevent someone from stealing the body?

My dad passed away 4 months ago (killed by knife attack ) , some people are trying to dig the graveyard to steal bones (probably those who practice black magic). I need to know how can I protect my ...
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