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Questions tagged [grave]

A grave is a place where the body of a deceased is buried according to Islamic teachings

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Is it permissible for women to visit the graves of their loved ones?

Asalamu alaikum, What is the ruling for women who want to visit the graves of their beloved ones? Is it permissible for them to do so? Should they do so, at a time when other men are not around? Is ...
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Can graves be exhumed?

Is it legal in Islam to exhume graves? If so, under what conditions? How should the remains be handled? What are the rules for the re-burial of remains?
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10 votes
3 answers

Should / Can a Muslim make arrangements for his grave before dying?

As a Muslim, is it your own responsibility to make arrangements for your grave? Or can and should you leave it to others to sort out after you've passed away? For example, what if you live in a ...
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What is the appropriate time to visit a grave?

As the title says, what is the appropriate time to visit the graves of fellow Muslims? Or is there anything such as an appropriate time? Most men visit after Friday prayer. I ask so, because one day ...
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Is planting on the graves forbidden?

I was told from Salafi guy that planting on the grave is forbidden as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did it only for himself and none of the Sahaba did it. The Hanafis, Shafi`is, and Hanbalis have all ...
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Can I reserve my favorite graveyard / burial ground / cemetery for myself?

There is a similar question out there which asks if one can make arrangements for his grave in particular. But, my question is different. I've heard from people who say, some old people told to their ...
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If we found a dead body somewhere, and need to bury it do we consider it a Muslim body or not?

In Verse (5:31) we are taught how to bury a dead person. This Verse at first sight doesn't make clear whether this is mandatory only for dead bodies of believers or a general rule. A Hadith from Sunan ...
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