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Is it permissible in islam to find out about past or future of anyone without their permission

There are things which we say sorry to allah in private but some maulana still find out past and future related to me and I don’t like it .. is it permissible?
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What do Islamic scriptures say about the fate of Israel?

Did Islam Accurately Predict the End of Israel? According to the above link, the Islamic predictions of Palestinian liberation and the end of Israel are now looking accurate. However, this video ...
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If a dream tells us about future events, how likely is it for those events to happen?

I've read a lot of dream interpretations on A lot of them tell the dreamer about the events of the future. If a person sees something in a dream and its interpretation ...
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To give estimation for when work will be done

Salam, I am a developer, we use Agile approach at work, one of the rules is to be able to give estimations for when a task will be done. Managers are claiming that it is just an "estimation" but in ...
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Does Allah know the future? [duplicate]

According to the Quran, Allah is all-knowing. But does it mean that He knows all the future as well? Does it mean than when He created everything He did so while already knowing everything that would ...
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Which direction would we pray in on the Moon?

Suppose we're in the future, and humanity has colonized the Moon. Which direction would we pray in on the Moon?
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Does God know about future & what is the proof of it in Qur'an?

Many people believe that God knows about future. However, I am having hard time finding any relevant script in Qur'an that clearly indicates that.
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4 answers

Is predicting the future haram?

I have heard that predicting the future is haram in Islam because only God knows the future and we cannot predict what only God knows (some say it is almost shirk). My question is: Is predicting the ...
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