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Ruling on imposing islam on individuals under islamic state?

If laws like apostasy exist then islam must also have given any law through which an individual has full right and absolute freedom to choose his religion and declare it infront of magistrate or ...
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slave woman becoming her master's 5th wife?

a slave woman in islam can become her master's wife in some conditions but what if the master already have 4 wives and the condition for the slave to be wife arrived? will she become 5th wife? if she ...
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Were concubines able to reject the master?

A short question. This is more a historical issue. Is it consensus by the scholars that a concubine can reject sexual intercourse with his master, if she does not want it? Thanks for responses.
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How do we feel morally/theologically about the allowance of slavery in the past? [duplicate]

Salam aleikum, I read and watched a lot about the topic of slavery in Islam in the last days. Besides the (r)evolutionary restrictions for the masters and in the sources of slavery, and in addition ...
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Do you have to be married in paradise?

If you don't get married in this life, do you have to get married in the next if you enter Jannah? Allah SWT knows me best, what if I do not want to get married? Here, and the next? What if I don't ...
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What is Islam's view about women's freedom of taking decision to stay spinster? [duplicate]

Can a Muslim woman choose not to be get married irrespective of her family's stances? I mean is it sinful for her if she wishes to remain unmarried?
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If Allah made all things, then Allah made evil. But for what purpose did Allah create evil?

If Allah made all things, then Allah made evil. But for what purpose did Allah create evil? Some say evil was created for humans to be "tested," but why is it necessary for humans to be "tested"? What ...
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How do Muslim women have personal freedom when their movement is restricted by their guardian?

According to Islam, female children (even adult/unmarried) enjoy personal freedom, individual identity, inheritance, freedom of choice and right to health and education. But what do terms like "...
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What is the Koran/Quran/Qur'an's stance on religious freedom? [closed]

Are there any verses in the Koran/Quran/Qur'an's that speak about religious freedom? If so, which themes are given? And what are these verses?
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Why should we obey ALL Islam rules , when we see some of them are useless?

Why should we do something only because it's in religious? Suppose rights between men and women. Did anyone decide to be a man or woman himself/herself ? Then why should we separate their rights? ...
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Threshold for boycotting companies

At what point do Muslims have a moral and religious obligation to boycott a company. To clarify, most corporations or companies do things that are immoral. How do we decide what is bad enough that we ...
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Do women with hijab have the same sense of freedom like others in this modern age? [closed]

Allah,the exalted,says in the noble Quran as such: "Tell the believing men to reduce [some] of their vision and guard their private parts. That is purer for them. Indeed, Allah is Acquainted ...
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