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Questions tagged [fidyah]

Fidyah is a religious expiation made to adjust a broken fast or mistakes in hajj etc.

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If one does fidyah for not fasting in Ramadan, but afterwards one is able to fast, should one make up for missed days?

If one is terminally ill, and: is unable to fast during the month of Ramadan, and it is not foreseeable at the time that one would be able to make up for missed days in the future, It is agreed upon ...
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What is the difference between fidyah الفدية and kaffarah الكفارة?

Both terms are used to express an expiation or ransom (based on the actual context). See for example (2:85), (2:184) (in context of fast), (2:196) (in context of hajj), (2:229), (3:91), (5:36), (13:18)...
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Does a woman need to giving charity when she can not fast because of a menstrual period?

Is it true that when a woman has her monthly period that she must give money (charity) for each day of bleeding? For example, if she bleeds for 5 days then she should give money to those in need for 5 ...
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