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0 answers

Is it permissible to be a fashion designer?

Asalamu alaikum. Is it haram to engage in fashion design if you are careful not to cross the line to haram? I wish to study fashion and provide opportunities for stylish, pretty and accessible ...
0 votes
1 answer

Is it haram to design tshirt and sell it online?

I am a Graphics Designer. I want to design t-shirt and then upload it to some online marketplace, where I can sell it. So, the problem is, I want to use Anime (Japanese Animation based on manga/comics)...
1 vote
1 answer

Can men wear artificial jewellery?

Can I wear artificial jewellery like a steel ring or a steel chain. I know that wearing gold or real jewellery is haram for men. But I've seen thousands of wearing steel jewellery. The question is can ...
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1 answer

Which women's fashion clothes can I manufacture for my clothing brand?

I started a western clothing brand but I am confused about which women's clothes can I sell? Like I can sell straight or flared jeans as they don't expose the awrah. What else can I make?
4 votes
4 answers

Is fashion design, modelling, acting, painting allowed in Islam?

My family is very religious, and in my childhood they didn't let me opt for modelling and fashion design as a career! I had good grades and was forced to get into "good noble profession" for ladies. ...
2 votes
0 answers

Is drawing partial bodies for fashion illustrations allowed?

For my fashion course I must draw animate beings such as the human figure to design garments and make my collections etc. However, I know that I am not allowed to draw them so would I be able to draw ...