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What would be the perfect Islamic family format?

Today, I've watched a video on Youtube regarding common martial issues and got to know that the origin of those marital problems is in the concept of "Joint Family" -(which you will see in ...
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If a girl and a boy decided to stop being in a relationship and wait until allah brings them together it permissible?

I've had a crush on a boy when I was small cause of his character,personality and everything.but I never told anyone about it and prayed to allah daily for his goodness,health and everything.i didnt ...
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Is family planning permissible in Islam? [duplicate]

I am really concerned about what is going on in my country which is family planning to avoid children. Is it allowed in Islam because I believe what Allah has ordained for us will surely happen and I ...
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Is it halal to use condom?

Generally, Is it halal (allowed) to use condom or any other things like copper-T to prevent pregnancy between married couples? Consider the following situation: If a women has two children (...
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