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Arabic: العين sight which includes envy and causes harm to the one who is seen by it.

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What is Islamic view of evil eye?

Does the concept of evil eye (nazar) have a place in Islam? If so, what does Islam think about it? How can one get protected from it? Could Blue eyes protect one from evil eye according to Islam?
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Is the practice of "melting lead and pouring it into cold water over the head" from Islam?

There are some people that melt lead and pour it into cold water over a person's head believing that this would cure nazar and/or evil spiritual illness. If you don't understand what I mean, see this ...
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Black thread on wrist to ward off evil eye

My wife had wrapped my son wrist with black thread, according to her that it will keep him away from evil eye, I quoted her one of PBUH hadith from isalmqa but she said it is on amulets, Tawiz and not ...
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