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Was incest permissible at some point ? Did Adam’s first children had to procreate between themselves?

We know incest is forbidden in Islam and other religions. But when we go back to the first human being on earth, prophet Adam, we know that he had children with his wife Eve. And as we are all coming ...
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Breeding concubines for desired features

As the status of the child is dependent on the status of the mother, the child of a slave mother would retain their status as a slave to the mother's master. As such, if the slave mother has a ...
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To what extent is showing mercy mustahabb?

My apologies in advance for limited knowledge of Islam. I am writing about the topic of mercy, mostly from a Christian perspective, and trying to understand the similarities and differences in the way ...
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The trolley dilemma viewed in Islam

For those who are not familiar with the dilemma, imagine a trolley is hurtling towards five unsuspecting workers. Do you pull a switch to divert the trolley onto another track, where only one man ...
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Is genenoristy with the expectation of Divine reward selfish and less admirable?

If you help me because you want Allah to give you rewards or presents , then there's nothing special about your kindness , isn't it?. I would say that an Atheist helping other people is BETTER than a ...
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Islamic views on GENETIC ENGINEERING (ie CRISPER technology for personal gains)

I am currently working on a presentation for my school, tackling the ethical issues with regards CRISPER technology, where one essentially manipulate the genetic code and modify them for children at ...
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Is it permissible to turn down cancer treatment if you fear it will cause more harm than good?

In my opinion, chemotherapy harms the body and does more damage than benefit. It does little to improve you and rather ends up destroying your entire immune system, causing you to become further ...
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Looking for Ayah and Hadith on Mercy/Morality

For my studies, I am looking ayah or hadith which unambiguously mentions or strongly suggests that conscience/morality/altruism/mercy are God-given values. The one I have is: Narrated Abu Huraira: ...
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Can we keep bird in house or cage?

A lot of people say that its right to keep a bird inside house. My questions is even if you keep bird in house open without cage . Isn't it wrong? Because Birds fly, They have no limit over area or ...
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Why are we not helping Syria? [closed]

I know this is not the place for such questions. I just know there are many Muslim users here and moreover many humans here. So many countries with so many humans are not doing anything to help a ...
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Is abortion allowed for a woman / girl who is raped? [closed]

I am looking for the response of any denomination that is against abortion in the case of rape that has also responded to the scenario below or something similar to it. "A Defense of Abortion" (...
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What do we do about evil thoughts striking our heart? Will we be held accountable for them?

Sometimes in my heart I say things I don't want to say. Is Allah going to hold me accountable for these? What can we do about bad/illicit thoughts striking our heart?
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