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Is it OK to teach banking related subjects in school?

Is teaching interest based banking system in school allowed for a Muslim teacher?
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According to Islam, is it permissible or forbidden for girls to get education from male teachers?

In this modern age, today there is an arrangement of coeducation in many universities, schools and colleges and most of teachers are male who teach both boys and girls. And even if there is no ...
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Is a UK university student loan riba, and if so, is it "necessary" if I have no other means to pay for education or to provide for my family?

I’ve heard student loans deemed as Ribaa. However, for a UK university student loan, the conditions are documented: How much you repay You pay back 9% of your income over the minimum amount of: £17,...
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Is it permissible to read romance books?

I love reading fiction books as entertainment. Unlike others, I tend to avoid watching TV, and instead read books which have numerous educational benefits. I read a variety of fiction novels, but I ...
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Which religion to teach children when different religion parents?

Salam, If a man is Muslim and his wife Christian, it is allowed, but which religion should be taught to children ? Is there example of sahaba, or famous religious person that was married to non-muslim ...
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I want to grow in my din but having a lack of understanding

I'm american born muslim since i was a young boy. I find it hard to keep up with my din or feel like i'm not dong it right. I don't read arabic, i have trouble understanding or even keeping up with ...
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What is the islamic view on sex education or gender studies?

Is sex education allowed in islam.If yes then what is the right age for it.
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