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What does Islam offer to protect a child of a haram relationship?

Islam is against zina and condemns it and has rulings on punishing people who commit it like the punishment by stoning for married adulterers (on which at least all earlier scholars sunni's shi'a and ...
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Is coeducation permissible?

Getting an education is considered a fundamental right of every man and woman and it is a virtue to get educated. But if we talk about coeducation in the context of below hadith and ayah of the Holy ...
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Is it permissible to teach a non-muslim student?

If I start tuition a student who is non-muslim. Is it be permissible for me to provide tuition?
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Is interest-based educational loan allowed?

Students from economically backward communities who opt for higher studies generally depend on educational loans, which are offered with interest, either by banks, developmental organisations, or by ...
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Is it permissible to read romance books?

I love reading fiction books as entertainment. Unlike others, I tend to avoid watching TV, and instead read books which have numerous educational benefits. I read a variety of fiction novels, but I ...
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