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اختضاب Questions about applying a dye to hair to change their color.

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Which colours is a person allowed to dye his hair with [duplicate]

I wanted to know which colours can you dye your hair with? I know you have to avoid black but are all the colors except black allowed or just a few like natural hair Colors?
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Is keeping white/grey hair/beard haram? [duplicate]

I would like to extend this question (unanswered) I read here that, “The Jews and the Christians do not dye their hair, so be different from them.” (Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 3275; Muslim, 2103). ...
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Why is dyeing hair not obligatory?

The prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said: “The Jews and the Christians do not dye (their hair) so do the opposite to them” as recorded by Al-Bukhaari, Muslim, Ahmad, Abu Daawood and An-Nasaa’i. Yet no ...
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Are we allowed to dye our hair in more vibrant colours?

I want to dye my hair a green because I want it. I like the colour not because of other people. Am I allowed?
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Isn't dyeing your hair except with black flawed?

We are allowed to dye the grey/white beard / head hairs except with black as this is deceiving making you look younger than you are. However if your natural hair colour is not black but brown, then ...
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How do we reconcile ahadith which imply dying one's hair black is haram, given that black hair occurs naturally?

From Can I dye my beard or hair black?, we see that there's a bunch of ahadith which prohibit dying one's hair black. For example: "Some people will dye their hair black like the breasts of ...
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Does dying your hair navy blue (which looks black) come under the ruling of dying your hair black?

Salaam, I’ve read that black hair dye is forbidden in Islam- those who do will not even smell the scent of paradise however i read that black mixed with another colour is fine, so does navy (a dark ...
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What is the reason why it is haram to dye one's hair black? [duplicate]

The Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) said to a person who had white hair: “Change this white hair but avoid black.” Saheeh Muslim (5476 The Prophet also said: “There will be people at the end of time ...
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Does dying one's beard or hair black play a role in jihad?

In Ibn Hajar Haytami's list of "enormities", item 111 is: Dying the beard or hair black for other than jihad or the like. (Also mentioned at Islam Q&A.) Question: Does dying one's beard or ...
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Can I dye my beard or hair black?

My teacher is an Imam of a mosque, he used to teach Qur'an and now that I have become older and we discuss many things related to Islam. So he recently asked me a question which I couldn't answer: ...
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Is it permissible to dye my hair with black henna?

I have some grey hair. Is it permissible to dye my hair with black henna? Someone said black henna is permissible, because it doesn't include ammonia (godrej).
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Why has black hair dye been singled out?

Why has black hair dye been singled out? I find it confusing because I read in a fatwa that people should not dye their gray hair black to deceive people. That is really confusing because it is ...
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Are we allowed to dye our hair?

Are we allowed to dye our hair in Islam? These two hadiths contradict each other Dawud :: Book 34 : Hadith 4210 Narrated Abdullah ibn Mas'ud: The Prophet of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) disliked ten ...
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