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Diyya (Blood Money) is financial compensation paid to a victim (or his family) in lieu of punishment.

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Who is entitled to diyya in case of parents killing their child?

As far as I'm aware, at least some schools of law (in particular, the Shafiis) say that qisas does not apply in the case of a parent killing his/her child, and only diyya applies. I can't seem to find ...
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How is Qisas done when equal retaliation is not possible?

For example, suppose that a tooth-less person breaks the teeth of another, or an eye-less person pokes out another's eye, or a woman cuts off a man's penis, or a man cuts off a woman's breasts etc. ...
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Diyyat & Expiation [closed]

Aslam O Alaikum I have a question which I shall be highly thankful if you can please answer it. A few months ago, I along with my Wife and Daughter were going on a Motor Bike. While taking a Uturn ...
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How much blood money needs to be paid (and by who) if a person is killed by a stone falling from a building's surface covered by stone?

We are living in a 5 floor building near a main street in city. The building's surface is covered by stone (Travertine) and is in dominant position on the sidewalk. The question is: How much does ...
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Is blood money a religious or cultural practice, and would it apply in Indonesia?

There've been a couple of tweets about "blood money" and Indonesia, to do with impending executions by the Indonesian government of two members of the Bali Nine: From Father Bob Allowance is made/...
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Why is the blood money of a woman half that of a man in Islam?

There is no strict verse in the Qur'an which clearly shows us that the blood money of a women is half that of a man. However, narrations both in Shi'ite and Sunni traditions exist regarding this case....
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