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Justice of Allah when creating humans

Some people out of hardship or being feared that they might end up in hell, Wished that they never exist in the first place. And there is this question, Why did Allah created me when I don't want to ...
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How is eternal hell justified

One justification I hear is that if the disbelievers were to stay alive on the earth forever they won't believe meaning their sin is infinite and thus their punishment should be infinite too. but even ...
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2 answers

I'm writing a fiction story about magic to distract me from porn, can it be justified?

My story will include magic; I've read others that said it's fine to write any kind of fiction since it's considered expression of imagination, but I've also read that magic is not permissible in any ...
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3 answers

Does God decide when and how one dies? If one commits suicide, did God decide that earlier?

Has God decided one's age? If so, has He decided how he will die and by whom he will be killed? Suppose one commits suicide, did God decide that earlier? If so, who is to blame really?
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What notions of "free will" and "qadr" exist in the different theological sects? [closed]

There are a number of questions regarding the free will vs. qadr juxtaposition on the site already (see e.g. this one on whether humans have free will in faith, this one about free will vs qadr, again ...
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Is Allah fair with every humanbeing?

Assalamualaikum Brothers/Sisters, I need an ayath from the Quran which says that Allah is fair with every human being. Even the Non-Muslims. Jazakallahi Khair.
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Is life a fair test? [closed]

Allah is fair to all of his slaves however this life is a test for all of us yet we all don't have the same amount of time on this test (Earth). Some people get longer time and they live to an older ...