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In which category do the divine attributes fall?

After going through multiple opinions of the scholars, I'm really confused about nature of attributes of God. Some say that all are muhkamat but their howness is among mutashabihat. Yet others ...
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How accurate are these statements about the nature and will of Allah?

According to the following scholars, the names of Allah revealed in the Qur'an merely signify effects of the divine will and do not reflect his nature. Is this accurate? Further reading on this issue ...
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What is the meaning of Noor of Allah

I want to ask what does it means when we say Allah is noor does it means that Allah is a physical light but if we say that wont it be shirk beacuse Allah is not made of anything He is uncreated or ...
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Was Adam created by Allah by his hands?

There are several ahadith which mention 4 things were created by Allah by his hands which also include Adam and for the rest He only said "Be". Are these authentic? If so then how can we ...
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Is Allah's divine powers similar to superpowers? Or are they different?

Does Allah's Divine Powers similar to superpowers? If a character has an ability to resurrect the dead, is that similar to Allah's divine powers or do we call that superpowers? Is Allah's divine ...
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Does the incompatible notions of theology in islam and christianity resolve the differences or aggravate them. How can one judge right or wrong?

I had certain questions related to islam and I hope this site gonna address them positively. To start with I was going through a question asked at Christianity Stackexchange site relate to nature of ...
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