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Is it halal to eat meat of dead human being if there is nothing to eat in Islam?

No, it is not halal to eat the meat of a dead human being in Islam. The consumption of human flesh is strictly prohibited in Islam, regardless of the circumstances. In the Quran, God states that he ...
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How to deal with abusive parents

No matter how much i try my parents eventullay force me to raise voice before them am i sinful? What should i do? I have treid to find out online but they tell honour parents and thst is just not ...
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How is "Allah burdens not a person beyond his scope" compatible with people dying in natural disasters?

Allah burdens not a person beyond his scope. -- Qur'an 2:286 (Muhsin Khan translation.) I'm trying to get a better grasp as to what this means. People die in natural disasters, so logically it seems ...
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What can be the reason behind natural disestar? [duplicate]

Islamic history says about many generations/tribes/cities which were destroyed with natural disasters, as a punishment of their wrongdoings. Quran brought out various types of stories about theses. It ...
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Is Hurricane Sandy Allah's punishment for US? [closed]

In the Quran, Allah has used natural disasters as a way of punishing those who have acted against his will (such as the people of Lut whom he destroyed for being homosexuals). Is the hurricane Allah ...
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Do Earthquakes come because the Almighty is not happy with us?

Generally Muslims believe when God is not happy with us, or something is seriously going wrong on earth, he sends some type of destruction to the people in one form or another. It could be wind (...
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Does God cause natural disasters?

How are Muslims informed by their religion to view large-scale natural disasters? In Islam, does God control those phenomena?
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